Mel's Charities has done a tremendous amount of good throughout Ozaukee County for 20+ years, donating over $1,000,000 to Ozaukee County organizations.  Mel's mission is to 'become the vehicle by which individuals, corporations and institutions can pool and invest their gifts for the long-term good of the residents of Ozaukee County', with 100% of net monies raised at their events being donated back to our community.

Port Washington State Bank serves as presenting sponsor for Mel's Pig Roast. The signature fundraising event is in its 21st year and continues to serve as the foundation of the organization. Through events like Mel’s Pig Roast, the nonprofit raises thousands of dollars that will be used to provide grants in the areas of Special Needs, Memorial Scholarships and Human Services in Ozaukee County. More than $1,000,000 has been given back to the community since the organization’s founding almost 20 years ago.

Senior Vice President and Chief Credit Officer James Schowalter shared the reason behind the commitment. “When we look for ways to give back in Ozaukee County, we admire charities who build connections among families and members of the community. It's more difficult to build a plan for growth when you don't know what to expect year-to-year from supporters. Just as we've been in Ozaukee County for 120 years and counting, we wanted Mel's Charities to know that we'll be here to support their mission, so we issued a three-year commitment to sponsor the pig roast."  

Tom Stanton,  founder and Executive Director of Mel's Charities, commented on the bank's continued partnership.  "Port Washington State Bank's commitment goes beyond a signed check. Their people willingly volunteer to help make events like the Pig Roast so incredible. And it doesn't stop there.  They've made it possible for us to fundraise at festivals and events, including their own customer appreciation event. Every little bit helps and allows us to tell our story."


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