Everyone has lost a wallet at some point. Maybe just forgotten in a car, maybe swiped off a counter while you weren't looking. Having a wallet with your ID, cash and cards stolen can be a stressful experience, but PWSB has the tools to cover you in case the worst should happen. Integrated right into our mobile app, you'll find a section called "Manage my Cards". There you can turn your card on and off, and even set limits on what your card can be used for. All of this is made possible through an application called Card Valet®. 

What is Card Valet?

Card Valet is an application for your phone which allows you to control your debit card separate from the PWSB mobile app.  It's a handy little tool to help protect against fraud and give you more control over what transactions happen on your account. Card Valet is integrated into the Mobile app for some of its functions: setting dollar limits, geographic limits, and turning your card on and off. However, to access the full control Card Valet offers, you'll need to download the Card Valet App.

What additional features are only available in the Card Valet app?

A lot of Card Valet®'s great features are available to everyone with the PWSB app. Through our app you can turn your cards on and off, set dollar limits, and create geofences tied to your phone, ensuring your card can't be used anywhere you are not. Card Valet app gives you all of this and some additional great features such as real time alerts which can tell you when a particular card is used, and for what. It's like getting an automatic receipt for all your purchases. This can let you know if someone is trying to use your card that you didn't authorize as soon as the transaction happens, enabling you to turn off the card immediately so no other fraudulent transactions are approved. Or, you could set it only to monitor certain cards or certain transactions, giving you ultimate control over your card and your account.

So How Do You Get It??

You can download the Card Valet App from the Apple or Android app store. You'll need to create a username and password, and you'll need the debit card you'd like to monitor. Each card is added individually to the card valet app, so make sure you have all the cards you'd like to add when you set it up. As usual, let your personal banker know if you have any difficulty setting it up, and they can walk you through the process. 

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read!)

The PWSB Mobile App gives you access to some key ways to control your Debit Card, but if you want total control over limits, alerts, and transactional activity, downloading the Card Valet App is the way to go.

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