PWSB, the Chinooks, and the Village of Thiensville host shredding event


October 23 is Drug Take Back Day, a nationwide event founded by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to help prevent the misuse of prescription drugs. The month of October is also Cybersecurity Awareness month, and to celebrate both occasions, Port Washington State Bank, the Village of Thiensville and the Thiensville Business Association will be hosting a free event to shred sensitive documents and drop off expired or unneeded prescription drugs. 


The no-charge shredding and drug drop event will take place on Saturday, October 23 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Village Park in Thiensville located at 250 Elm Street. 


To dispose of your shredding materials, you will be asked to pop open your trunk, and a volunteer will remove your boxes of sensitive documents, so plan on remaining in your vehicle to participate in this contact-free drop-off opportunity. Your papers will be finely shredded and then the paper recycled. And don’t fret, the shredders are strong enough to shred paper clips, staples, hanging folders, file folders, magazines, and hardbound books. However, the following cannot be shredded: metal (aside from paper clips and staples), binder clips, 3-ring binders, plastic, DVD’s, CD’s, cell phones, and batteries. Masks are not required. Note that we ask you to limit your shredding to 3 boxes per vehicle. 


Upon arrival at the drug drop off location, all prescription drugs must be transferred from the medication’s original prescription bottle to a plastic baggie prior to it being accepted by the Thiensville Police Department. Please transfer meds to a plastic baggie prior to coming to the park. You will not need to leave your vehicle to drop off old medications; these will simply be passed through your front window to a volunteer. Because you will be staying inside your vehicle, masks are not required.


While this is a free event, please consider making a donation to the Thiensville Village Park Re-Imagined. The money collected will be used to raise money for the interactive water feature and skating rink. Also being accepted by the Rotary are new clothing items or toiletries for the Afghan refugees stationed at Fort McCoy. These worthy causes would be grateful for anything you contribute.


As an added benefit of attending this event, Gill with the Chinooks will be there, and the Chinooks have generously agreed to provide box lunches for the first 400 people. Packaged lunches will be passed through the front window of your vehicle. Come early so you don’t miss out!

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