Put your Banking on Autopilot with ACH.

Businesses of any size can benefit from ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments.  ACH benefits include:

  • Less data entry of repeated payments, which saves you time 
  • Lower processing costs, saving you money
  • More accurate payments made on time to help you keep financial responsibilities on schedule
  • The ability to monitor, revise or delete your scheduled payments via your Business Online Banking account, or the PWSB Business Mobile Banking app
  • Increased protection against check fraud
  • Easy integration with many accounting software packages

Setup is easier than you think! To start, you'll need to get a business banking checking account with us. Then, when you contact us to get started, we'll schedule an exploratory call to ensure we have the system set up to your unique needs.  Then, you can stay in the comfort of your office while a friendly representative trains you and any others on its use!

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