We ‘out Community’ other Community Banks

Switching banks should be easy — especially when you’re coming home to PWSB!

We know that switching banks can be a hassle. In our digital world, so many things are tied to our bank accounts. Many people use direct deposit with their employer to automatically see their paycheck deposited into their account. Others have mortgage or car payments automatically deducted as well.

These examples are called ACH deposits or automatic deposits, and with the service we use called ClickSWITCH™, we make it easy for these payments to be changed over quickly and securely. ClickSWITCH™ contacts payees and companies on your behalf to start the process of changing bank accounts and ensuring payments and deposits are being pulled from your new account.

Simply input your payment and direct deposit information into the secure ClickSWITCH™ system, and we’ll get to work on contacting all companies. You can easily monitor and track progress in your account as well. ClickSWITCH™ uses the latest in online encryption protection to gather and store your switch requests to ensure all of this is done safely and securely.

Transfer your accounts to the “community-est” bank using ClickSWITCH™.

Ready to make the switch?

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