The Power of Plastic

As good as cash, but better, the PWSB debit card lets you make purchases with the security of VISA®. Debit cards are accepted anywhere you see the VISA logo. Better yet, you can earn rewards with the uChoose Rewards program!

Has your card been lost or stolen?  Turn "off" your card with the Card Valet® app or your PWSB mobile banking app.

Fresh designs your wallet will love

Choose from a beautiful shot of Lake Michigan, a sophisticated blue design or our flag design to celebrate your love of the USA.

Are you a fan of the Lakeshore Chinooks? Then we’ve got the card design for you.

Card Valet

Card Valet is an excellent security feature that can help you stay in control of your debit card, even when you don't know where it is. Card Valet features are available inside your PWSB mobile app, and additional features are also available in a separate app. With Card Valet, you can:

  • Receive alerts whenever your card is used to help stay on top of expenses and potential fraud. 
  • Safeguard your card by turning “off” your debit card when it’s misplaced or stolen.
  • Turn it back “on” when you’re ready to use it again.
  • Create limits to how much you can spend in a single transaction — limits to certain merchant categories, transaction types and locations.

Learn more about Card Valet.

Card Valet App

Get more features with the Card Valet App

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