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PWSB Senior Leadership Team

Steve Schowalter
Steve Schowalter Chairman / Chief Executive Officer Email Steve 262-284-4416 NMLS ID: 759018
James Schowalter
James Schowalter President / Chief Operating Officer Email James 262-284-4416 NMLS ID: 759019
Cindy Nierode
Cindy Nierode Senior Vice President / CFO Email Cindy 262-284-4416
Melanie Spencer
Melanie Spencer Senior Vice President Email Melanie 262-284-4416
Joel Dykstra
Joel Dykstra Senior Vice President / Chief Credit Officer Email Joel 262-284-4416 NMLS ID: 759006
Stella Terry
Stella Terry Senior Vice President / Director of Human Resources Email Stella 262-284-4416

Working Hard for You

PWSB Department Leadership

Mary Albrecht
Mary Albrecht Vice President / Deposit Operations, BSA Officer Email Mary 262-375-0100
Tarrah Beyer
Tarrah Beyer Vice President / Director of Marketing Email Tarrah 262-284-4416
Shelly  Hartmann
Shelly Hartmann Loan Servicing and Compliance Officer Email Shelly 262-284-4416
Amy Kauper
Amy Kauper Vice President / Director of Retail Banking Email Amy 262-377-0750 NMLS ID: 569826
Aimee Larsson
Aimee Larsson Retail Processing Manger Email Aimee 262-284-4416
Shelly Mabee
Shelly Mabee Commercial Underwriting Manager Email Shelly 262-284-4416
Mike Ott
Mike Ott Loan Servicing Manager Email Mike 262-284-4416
Ronald Prom
Ronald Prom Information Technology Officer Email Ronald 262-284-4416
Jay  Schreurs
Jay Schreurs VP / Senior Mortgage Lending Officer Email Jay 262-284-4416 NMLS ID: 759020

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