It’s that time of year!

If you have your mortgage with PWSB, you may have chosen to escrow money for your property taxes.  That is, you’re allowing us to set aside some of your dollars for taxes each year. 

PWSB will be disbursing the amount of the current year tax bill.  The tax escrow check will be made payable to the municipality and mailed according to the option you selected on your tax escrow option form; either directly to the municipality or to your home.

PWSB works with a third party vendor to obtain the current year tax bill. All tax escrow checks are anticipated to be ready for mailing Monday, December 20.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I confirm that my taxes have been paid?

A1: You can confirm that your tax bill has been received and paid by visiting your county or municipality website.


Q2: I can’t remember which escrow option I chose, how can I confirm that?

A2: To confirm if we’re paying the municipality directly or sending the check to you, contact loan servicing at (262) 284-4416 or


Q3: I’d like you to mail my check direct to the municipality. How can I arrange for that?

A3: While no changes are available for the 2021 tax year, borrowers who would like to change their tax escrow option can contact loan servicing to complete an update form.


Q4: When will I know how much I paid in mortgage interest this year?

A4: The 1098 form which is your mortgage interest form for tax purposes will be mailed in mid-January.  If you do not receive them by January 31, you could always contact your personal banker or use our contact us form to alert us. 

Q5: When will my account go through escrow analysis?

A5: Your account will go through escrow analysis on January 15, 2022.  You will receive an escrow analysis statement in the mail shortly thereafter.

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