Dedicated to Furthering Financial Literacy in the Community

Personal Banker Meghan Menke was recently honored by the WBA (Wisconsin Bankers Association) with the Financial Literacy Banker Award earned as a result of the number of hours she volunteered educating the public about financial literacy. From June of 2019 through June of 2020, bankers tracked the number of hours spent actively conducting financial literacy events at businesses, senior centers, schools and colleges, and Meghan ended up being second in the state of Wisconsin for the number of hours logged, and amazingly, she was pregnant the whole time. When asked whether she was an “expert,” she replied, “It’s just what I do, and I enjoy it.”

How the Pandemic Affected Financial Education Efforts

Meghan and other bankers had to be creative with reaching students during the pandemic, recording themselves reading financial education books, for example. Moreover, banks made donations to further the financial literacy cause. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the PWSB team continued teaching people of all ages about the importance of saving and budgeting, how to use credit responsibly, the ins and outs of obtaining a home mortgage or car loan, and many more financial topics.

“Having individuals who are willing to step outside of their job’s requirements for the development of others is a role that defines what it means to be a community leader,” said WBF (Wisconsin Bankers Foundation) Executive Director Mike Semmann. “We thank and commend Meghan for dedicating her time to the improvement of financial education for the benefit of both the individual consumers and the community.”

Port Washington State Bank Supports Financial Literacy

PWSB is committed to building financial education in the local community, which is why we partner with @EVERFI to offer local schools and students the resources they need to learn. In 2020, the bank impacted 500 students with their financial literacy efforts. That totaled 2,000 hours of learning and impacted 5 local schools. Thanks to local education partners at our community schools, Ozaukee County residents of all ages are learning skills that are critical to being financially responsible.

Meghan has worked for Port Washington State Bank's Port Washington office but she also enjoys her newest role, being a proud new mom.  

If you're interested in financial education for yourself, be sure to visit our One Step Ahead online education center.

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