Scam Alert

Criminals are sending text messages to verify possible recent debit card purchases followed by a phone call trying to obtain sensitive information. Important: Port Washington State Bank will never contact you via unsolicited e-mail, text or phone call asking for sensitive information, passwords, PINs or one-time passcodes. We may call you to verify a debit card transaction amount only. If you get a call, voicemail, e-mail or text from someone claiming to be from PWSB and you think it’s suspicious, please contact us immediately.

Get alerts that actually matter for your PWSB accounts!

Port Washington State Bank recently upgraded our alerts with a service called Notifi. You can access this new feature within your PWSB mobile app or Online Banking, and it's available to both personal and business accounts (business accounts do require a new agreement to use this service, contact your personal banker to learn more).  This new feature will help you stay on top of even more account activity, such as

  • Debit transactions (not just debit card, but ACH and EFT too!)
  • Below-balance thresholds that you set
  • Transactions greater than a limit you set.

Explore these new options by simply logging into your PWSB account using ONLINE Banking or your mobile app!

Learn how to set up new alerts via your mobile phone with our cheat sheet PDF download or watch this video:

Interactive Video Player


Personal Online Banking customers: you can watch this quick video for tips on setting up alerts:

Interactive Video Player


Business Online Banking customers: you can watch a quick tutorial here:

Interactive Video Player

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