E-Statements Give You Quick, Easy Access to Your Bank Statements

In today’s microwave society, we have come to expect everything on demand. We look for the fastest, easiest, most convenient, and cheapest ways to accomplish whatever we need to do. Port Washington State Bank realizes this and has technology with those benefits for your bank statements. It’s called E-Statements, short for electronic statements. Following are 8 reasons why you should switch from paper statements to electronic ones.

  1. Fast - Get an email as soon as your statement is available. Then view your statement online. No more waiting to receive your statements via snail mail. 
  2. Easy access - View your statements from up to 16 months ago anywhere and anytime you have a secure internet connection and a computer, phone or tablet.
  3. Safe - E-statements reduce mail fraud and identity theft. No more worries about your statement being delivered to the wrong address or stolen. Only you can access your statements through our secure website.
  4. Free - There is no cost! Eliminate fees associated with printing and mailing paper statements. 
  5. Environment-Friendly – Reduce paper consumption which saves trees, decreases greenhouse gases, and lowers your carbon footprint.
  6. Organized - Stay better organized by eliminating filing and shredding of paper statements. No more stacks of papers on your desk or over-packed filing cabinets. No more filling up your shredder or waiting for local shred events.  
  7. Printable - Should you want to print a given statement for some reason, you can.

Ready to Sign Up for E-Statements?

Signing up for E-Statements is a breeze. It’s only a few clicks away. Simply log into Online Banking, and enroll for E-Statements under the profile tab. Or you can contact a personal banker to quickly walk you through the steps.

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