Here are a few tips to keep you and your money safe on your next adventure. 

Debit Card Security

     1. Let us know if you’re leaving the country. 

PWSB debit cards can be used anywhere in the United States; however, for your security, there is a block on all foreign transactions. If you’re planning on going outside the United States, just call 262-284-4416 and talk to someone in customer service to share your travel itinerary, and we’ll unblock the countries where you’ll be traveling, upon your request. 

     2. Traveling out of state?...Know your PIN!

Be prepared to enter your PIN when originating transactions outside of Wisconsin. When using your PIN, you are establishing your location which can help to prevent your debit card from being flagged for possible fraudulent activity. In the case that we need to contact you regarding any questionable charges, it’s very important that we have your correct phone number on file. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding domestic travel.

     3. Download the PWSB Mobile App and Card Valet.

With the PWSB Mobile App, and Card Valet, you can monitor your transactions on the go, and even set alerts any time your debit card is used. If you see a transaction that is not yours, or if you lose your wallet between the pool and the hotel, you can lock your card right away, and ensure none of your money is stolen. You can find more information on the PWSB Mobile App and Card Valet here.

Payment Peace of Mind 

     4. Have a backup payment method.

The last thing anyone wants to think about on vacation is losing access to their money. Make sure that you have at least two ways to pay, a card and cash, for example, when you’re away from home. You may want to store your different payment methods in separate places, in case one of your forms of payment is lost. To use Digital Wallet as one method of payment, click here to visit our Digital Wallet page. All PWSB debit cards can be added to your favorite digital wallet, such as Apple Pay® or Google Pay™, so you can use your debit card straight from your smart phone. 

     5. Order Foreign Currency. 

PWSB can order foreign currency for you. Simply tell us know how much you need ordered, and where you’re headed, and we can get it within 3-5 business days. Just contact us!

     6. Double check your payments before you go!

Don’t forget to make sure your monthly payments are set up automatically before you go, so you don’t have to worry about your loan while you’re away. It’s always good to have the PWSB Mobile App as well, so you can move money between your accounts if necessary. 

Earn Rewards & Save on Fees

     7. Use your PWSB credit card.

PWSB debit cards are a great option, with a low 1% foreign transaction fee on all transactions done outside of the United States. But the Premier Rewards American Express credit card through PWSB has no foreign transaction fees and gets you 3 reward points on airline purchases and 4 points at restaurants, making it the ideal card to travel with. Don’t have a PWSB credit card? No problem. You can apply online in minutes. 

     8. Activate UChoose Rewards.

If you are going to use your PWSB debit card, make sure you’re getting paid for it. PWSB offers rewards on all debit card purchases through UChoose Rewards. Just go to to activate your card’s rewards and start getting paid for your purchases.   

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