In today's fast-moving world, spending money can be effortless. With just a few clicks of a button we can instantly buy anything online. Along with easy buying, we're now a more "cashless" society and use our debit cards more frequently than ever.

The good news is, Port Washington State Bank's state-of-the-art fraud monitoring technology is working around the clock to keep your information safe. In addition to phone calls, two-way texting helps us communicate quickly with you to verify your money is safe.

How does two-way texting work?

This technology uses trends and patterns in your spending habits to recognize activity that appears suspicious. When a suspicious transaction appears, a text will be sent to verify the activity. If the transaction was indeed yours, you can simply reply YES to confirm or NO to deny the use. It's that simple!  

How do I enroll in two-way texting?

All PWSB customers, both business and personal, already have this great service, so the good news is, you don't have to do anything other than verify your current mobile number on file with us. To do that, call any branch or use our "contact us" form on the website.

To learn more about the two-way texting feature, watch this short, two-minute video.

Two-Way Text Alerts

Video Tutorial

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