Personal banking tools add convenience and security to your PWSB account.

Technology You Can Bank On.

Bank with us 24/7.

Online Banking

Our personal online banking tool is loaded with features. You can check balances and transactions, move money between your PWSB accounts, or accounts at other financial institutions, easily pay bills, opt for eco-friendly e-statements, and stay ahead of potential fraud and overspending with limits and alerts! 

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Pocket-sized banking, super-sized convenience.

Mobile Banking

Our personal mobile banking app is packed with features! You can deposit checks, temporarily turn your debit card "off," move money between your accounts here, AND at other banks, set limits and alerts for almost any type of account activity, pay bills, and more!

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A Fast, Safe and Easy Way to Pay.


With Zelle® you can send and receive money with friends, family and other people you trust using your PWSB checking or money market account. Zelle® is available inside Online and Mobile banking.

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Goodbye, Bulky Wallet!

Digital Wallet

Digital wallet is a fast, convenient and secure way to pay merchants with just a few clicks of your phone. We offer Digital Wallet for Android, Google, Apple and FitBit devices. 

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Control Your Debit Card Easily.

Card Valet

Card Valet® is a great way to dip your toe into the world of banking apps. This app focuses on being able to control your debit card by turning it "off," setting alerts, and applying limits to how your debit card(s) can be used. 

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Eco friendly and oh so easy!


Some of the benefits to receiving your statement electronically include saving money, eliminating paper clutter, and having the option to print on demand. 

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Keeping you and your finances safe

Fraud Protection Features

Learn about all the ways our technology works to detect fraudulent activity!

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Dialing For Account Info is Easy


If you don't have the PWSB mobile app or online banking, our telebanking service is a great option for when you need some quick information about your accounts. 

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